Our Program

At the Boulder Chiropractic Clinic in Boulder, our main priority is to help our patients achieve their wellness goals by living happy, pain-free lives. We strive to provide superior treatment and administrative support to all of our patients.

When you make an appointment to see Dr. Tom Groover he will provide a comprehensive, precise, chiropractic diagnosis and holistic treatment plan for abnormalities that may be causing you pain and injury, and inhibiting your performance. His scientific approach locates and eliminates fundamental stressors causing breakdowns in your body function, and treating your condition, and in most cases, allows him to achieve immediate, lasting improvements in your pain and fatigue. In turn, our precise program usually produces rapid results; our patients remark about the extraordinary improvements in their mental state, respiration, nutrition, sleep, hydration, and movement.

To learn more about the Boulder Chiropractic Clinic approach, we encourage you to watch our video below.

The Boulder Chiropractic Clinic is privileged to help you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you soon.