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Outcome-based treatment programs. Highly focused exams and consultations. Heavily examined/researched patient backgrounds, and comprehensive full-body functionality tests…These all describe Dr. Tom Groover and his staff at Boulder Chiropractic Clinic, and the way the chiro care center carries on business with patients. Thorough, precise and effective.

Your chiropractor treatment is holistically inclusive and uniquely integrative. Dr. Groover’s thorough diagnosis and treatment plans have been shown to relieve  pain, soreness, stiffness, weakness, swelling, achiness, lack of mobility, high blood pressure, and many other chiropractic problems patients are facing – in both the short- and long-term.

Do you know another chiropractor in Boulder who practices with this much dedication to patient wellness? Bottom line: if you’re looking for a wham-bam-thank you-ma’am sort of practitioner who hawks adjustments and quick fixes, this is not the doctor for you. To summarize, let’s offer up something Dr. Groover once told us all: “Attending chiropractic college gave me great dissatisfaction with the limitations of conventional chiropractic diagnosis and treatment, and motivated me to look deep, far and wide for better and effective complementary alternatives.”

Experienced Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Groover’s dedication to being a sports chiropractor sprung from the years he invested in analysis and recovery from his own serious sports injuries. His detailed, well-studied, individualized diagnosis, treatment, stabilization and long-term optimal performance plans build up your health and wellness. The knowledgeable sports chiropractor has experience treating athletes including professional snowboarders, football players, skiers and more.

Athletes receive comprehensive evaluations of their conditions, which may include undiscovered injuries that cause pain, dampen performance and increase risk for acute and repetitive-stress athletic injuries. After this, the pro sports chiropractor plans the best course of treatment to help you be a stronger, more coordinated and balanced athlete. Dr. Groover’s program focuses on the root of the problem to help cure symptoms patients are enduring. Learn more about Dr. Groover’s sports chiropractor practices.

Upper Cervical Chiropractor Specialty

Dr. Groover has an upper cervical chiropractic specialty: this means he has lengthy and specific training and certification in treating this area of your body. Upper cervical chiro care focuses on locating and removing misalignments of the first two bones in your neck and at the base of your head that may be causing or complicating your health condition(s). The doctor has profound insight into this most neurologically and mechanically significant region of the spine, which can affect everything from movement and mobility to blood pressure and migraine.

Our Boulder Chiropractic Clinic provides exceptional quality healthcare to patients seeking intense healing and long-term maintenance of health, wellness, and optimal performance in their work, family, recreation, and athletic lives. Whether you’re a patient who’s been using chiropractor services for many years, or you’re new to Groover or to chiropractic and seek a refreshing holistic approach to health and well-being, we at Groover look forward to treating you and helping you move forward – with fluidity, flexibility, energy and clarity! Contact us today to make an appointment for your consultation.

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