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About Boulder Chiropractic Clinic

Boulder Chiropractic Care: Holistic Healing from an Honest Physician

How many chiropractic care clinics have you visited where the doctor is not only an upper cervical specialist but has himself practiced and taught things like nutrition therapy, neuromuscular acupuncture and yoga therapy, and has actually experienced something like severe chronic pain for decades due to injury? How many chiropractors do you know of that incorporate sharply focused, uniquely integrative solutions for each patient? And who don’t just peddle adjustments and partial fixes for temporary relief but focus on the root(s) of your ill(s) and long-term solutions?

Dr. Tom Groover’s chiropractic clinic in Boulder, an holistic healing focused clinic, is one of the most reliable, trustworthy and fundamentally sound choices for a Boulder chiropractor if you’re looking for tailored solutions, not short and fast answers and treatments. Why? Because Dr. Groover does things differently. Firstly, Dr. Groover practices transcendental meditation twice a day and has for 45 years. This undoubtedly allows him to be more perceptive to others and their energies and sensitivities. It’s also sharpened his intuition and focus while keeping the holistic healing aspect of the clinic top-of-mind. Secondly, Dr. Groover is authentic, sincere and well-informed; he prefers solutions to condition management; he prefers long-term prevention and overall wellness to repeated unnecessary treatments and procedures. So give us a call today to schedule a free consult if you’re tired of the chiro care rigamaroo!

High Blood Pressure Treatment

High blood pressure treatment at Boulder Chiropractic Clinic is both time-tested and innovative. Groover identifies and repairs likely blood-pressure-elevating breakdowns in the body’s structures. Finding and treating these causes rather than the symptoms of your high blood pressure is fundamental to returning the number to normal. Discover probable causes of your hypertension, both ordinary causes and causes unique to the Boulder Chiropractic Clinic approach. Our approach teaches you how you can control your hypertension naturally — to eliminate cause(s) yourself. For more information on high blood pressure treatment at Groover, check out the Conditions Treated/High Blood Pressure Treatment section of the site. Feel free to contact us today about scheduling your free high blood pressure global screening and consultation.

Whiplash Treatment and Post-Car Accident Chiro Care

Whiplash injures neck ligaments and causes neck joint instability, a severe, complicated, acutely painful and degenerative condition, generally overlooked in the ER and by many physicians. Boulder Chiropractic Clinic is happy to offer the specialized X-ray exams required to specifically locate and determine the severity of these ligament injuries. Appropriate treatment, prognosis, and lifestyle modifications cannot be provided without such diagnosis. Aside from whiplash treatment, our chiropractic care center also provides advanced diagnostic testing for detection and analysis of other hidden, complex, and frequently untreated car crash injuries. For more information on whiplash treatment, check out the Whiplash and Car Accident Injuries section of the Conditions Treated tab. Contact us today to schedule your free injury consultation at (303) 442-7772, and rest assured that you’re getting a chiropractor who is invested in you, and hence genuinely concerned about your condition, pain, healing and recovery.

TMJ Treatment

You may wonder what Dr. Groover can do to correct a problem with your jaw. Well, truth is, his approaches to joint diagnosis and treatment work so well with the spine that he usually applies them to other joints in the body. The answer is simple; Dr. Groover assesses and corrects problems due to joint misalignments, including the locked-up, popping, cracking, aching, painful, TMJ kind. TMJ treatment by Dr. Groover eases pain, first by finding and correcting the spinal misalignments and misalignments of other joints directly inhibiting neuromuscular control of your “Temporomandibular joints” (TMJ). Secondly, having removed these TMJ causative and complicating factors, he specifically evaluates and realigns your temporomandibular joints. Then he relaxes residual jaw and neck muscle contractions with neuromuscular acupuncture, manual therapies and home exercises and stretches. Such improvements in jaw function often relieve patients from complex and expensive teeth-modifying dental procedures. Call anytime for a TMJ treatment consultation at our Boulder chiropractor, (303) 442-7772.

Although our Boulder chiropractic care center specializes in treatment of illnesses and disorders ranging from fibromyalgia and fatigue, to migraine and headache options, to sports injury and performance management; Dr. Groover also offers studied and priority-driven solutions via nutrition/exercise advice and more for many other conditions — no matter how long they’ve ailed you. To learn how a tailored, personalized and holistic healing chiropractic care plan could help you, reach out to Boulder Chiropractic Clinic for a free consultation at (303) 442-7772.