B.C., University of Colorado Snowboarding Team Manager, Boulder, CO

I’ve been involved in a lot of sports including professional snowboarding, high school football, hockey, and Brazilian ju-jitsu. Football injuries caused my neck and back  to fall out of alignment, and snowboarding injuries and poor sleeping habits caused my condition to worsen. Life was painful all the time, my neck was always sore, and I always had problems sleeping. I would wake up and roll over every two hours. My neck was spasming constantly, along with being very tight.
About a year ago, I was referred to Dr. Groover, and I began to see a change in my overall level of health . Within a short period of time, my pain levels totally disappeared. With Dr. Groover’s help, it has been a very easy process for me.
I’ve been under Dr. Groover’s care for about a year now, and I feel balanced and pain free. I’ve since doubled my sponsor load  for snowboarding. My balance on the board is 100% better in the air, on rails, and in the backcountry. My rate of injury has dropped out of the picture because of my enhanced performance, and I can sleep!
Last season, I overshot a jump and dislocated my left shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, and separated my AC joint. The orthopedic surgeon told me I needed to do rotator cuff surgery to repair  what was damaged (which would have cost $25,000!!). Through my therapy with Dr. Groover, I was able to avoid surgery completely. I went back to the original orthopedic surgeon and he said that I was completely healed, and he’d never seen anything like this before! I was back snowboarding in four weeks!
My future is totally different now. Better sleep patterns have changed my life, making me more capable to perform my job as a professional snowboarder. I now feel that I won’t be stuck being a mediocre snowboarder. I’ve got a chance now to really compete and make a living off the sport. I’ve also got a film crew working with me that wouldn’t have been there in the past.  I recommend  Dr. Groover to anyone with pain, You simply can’t afford not to go!

T. C., Boulder, CO

“I came to Dr. Groover after years of habits, which were tough on the spine: 8+ hours a day at the computer, a history of off-road motorcycle get offs and crashes, thousands of miles of running and cycling, an overly ambitious golf swing, careless leaning over without proper posture, and hours spent on the couch watching TV. Eventually all of that caught up to me and I was regularly laying flat on my back with severe pain. Before I came to Dr. Groover, I had a talk with him and discovered he had treated several professional and renowned athletes, and solved many of their issues due to the toll taken by intense training and racing. I am simply an amateur, but I hoped to get back in action. I was pleasantly surprised at how thorough he was in taking stock of all the life factors that went into my back pain and related issues. He took measurements of how many degrees off center my back, shoulders, legs, and hips had been twisted out of functional order. Within a few sessions, with precise adjustments, which addressed the gnarled mess my spine had become, I saw dramatic improvement. Dr. Groover helped eliminate the stress I had placed on my body. I have seen tremendous improvement. Five stars.”

S. S., Western Slopes, CO

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and working with my physician on finding a treatment plan that worked for me, I was very discouraged. The treatment was worse than the disease! I had taken myself off my medications and decided that I would have to learn to live with the pain and fatigue……Then my husband found your website…..What a God send! You made it clear that we had to work as a team…..by the 8th or 9th visit I was completely pain free…..I felt human again. I continue with the life-changing habits you have taught me and my health continues to be great and only gets better.

M.R., Boulder, CO

“I tried various chiropractors and physical therapists over many years trying to resolve neck issues from a waterskiing injury, and had developed the opinion that most chiropractors are quacks. Dr. Groover was completely different from the first evaluation appointment. His thoroughness, depth of knowledge, and fact-based approach in itself was completely refreshing. Even more refreshing were the immediate and long-lasting results. He permanently resolved issues, in one appointment, that I had been dealing with for years. I reserve the right to keep my opinion of other chiropractors, but Dr. Groover is in a class by himself. I highly recommend him for acute care, or just routine maintenance. You will feel the results immediately.” 

M. N., Western Slopes, CO

It began in April 2007…..I just started having pain all over my body which led to my knees hurting and eventually surgery on my left knee……The day my daughter had told me about Dr. Groover I had given up on normal life and asked my husband, John, to put me in an assisted living facility with pain medications……As I went through his treatments I began to experience less pain within a couple of weeks…. Now, I’m off all my medications. Nothing was possible before Dr. Groover treatments, and now everything is possible for me in my life now!

R. L., Front Range, CO

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was prescribed medication for it. The medication helped a little bit, but one medication, Cymbalta, was giving me more depression and causing crying spells…..I found Dr. Groover on his website. He was cooperative and sensitive to my needs and feelings. I started feeling better after two weeks, I got out of my lower back pain and the pain in my shoulders…. Before, I was unhappy because of all the pain and from having no energy to enjoy life, now I can pursue my career and have a social life! I absolutely recommend Dr. Groover to anyone who has Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue.

R. B., Boulder, CO

I began treatment with Dr. Groover after I was hit from behind while skiing, receiving a concussion, whiplash to my neck and having many ribs knocked out of place. He took me as a patient immediately and treated me for eight straight days, even after hours and on Sunday. Physically, mentally and emotionally I was in very bad shape. His adjustments are very precise and accurately targeted. The exercises he prescribes are perfectly focused. Even though the accident caused some permanent damage to my neck Dr. Groover was able to bring me back to the physical condition I was in before the crash to the point that I am now able to ski, kayak and bike like I did before. I really feel that he has given me my life back. In addition I am amazed that the lower back pain and problems that I have been dealing with for most of my life have been totally fixed. I had previously been treated by about fifteen chiropractors, none of whom had anywhere near the skills and knowledge of Dr. Groover. I thought that I would always have to live with lower back weakness and pain but now I know differently. He is very professional with his detailed record-keeping which helped immensely with my legal case. He went that extra mile many times to work with my lawyer and support my legal case, helping me come to a very successful legal settlement. I am very grateful that there is a chiropractor with the caring and skill of Dr. Groover.