Prevent High School Sports Injuries by Addressing the Root of the Problem

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Prevent High School Sports Injuries by Addressing the Root of the Problem

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The new school year in the fall brings with it a new season of high school sports and activities. For athletes and their families, this means excitement, achievement, and possible injuries. Students face increasing demands on their developing skeletons, which make them more vulnerable to internal damage and imbalance. In the offseason, athletes may not have spent time conditioning themselves and they jump into the preseason unfit, which leads to susceptibility to many injuries. Sports injuries, while painful, can also be discouraging for athletes and their families, affecting grades, motivation, and confidence. By focusing on the root of the problem and providing natural solutions to help heal the injury, the Groover Clinic holistic sports injury program helps athletes perform at their very best.

Sports injuries can be the culprit for shoulder misalignments, which can create pain in the shoulders, neck, upper arms, and back. What’s our secret to successful shoulder care and healing? Evaluation and treatment of ALL factors influencing your shoulders.


Joint and muscle pain could be caused by exceeding your skill level, or it could mean abnormal joint function and structure. Our Boulder chiropractic clinic will carefully match your current ability with your current level of participation by considering baseline fitness and the structural and functional health of your joints and the rest of your body. A comprehensive evaluation may reveal undiscovered injuries that cause pain, dampen performance and increase your risk for further acute injuries.

Working together we plan the best course of holistic treatment to help you be a stronger, more coordinated athlete, which will ultimately help to prevent injuries.





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