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Global Subluxation Complex

Systemic Change: Boulder Chiropractic Clinic Profile

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Dr. Tom Groover of Boulder Chiropractic Clinic says, “We are devoted to facilitating the systemic changes needed to correct, stabilize and heal our patient’s conditions for them be well and to develop and live their full potential. For this purpose, our chiropractic is comprehensive in philosophy, diagnosis and treatment.”

Comprehensive Chiropractic

In principle, comprehensive chiropractic is inclusive and extensive. Its scope is multi-dimensional, expansive and at the same time detailed. It is about systems analysis and creating systemic changes as the basis for symptomatic relief, stabilization and healing of conditions.

Our comprehensive chiropractic is founded upon some fundamental core principles.

  • We have structural and functional definitions for what is normal and what is abnormal.
  • We diagnose abnormalities.
  • We restore normality as the basis for healing.
  • Our approach is inside-out, addressing the patient’s primary causes and complications first and remaining conditions according to priorities.
  • Our chiropractic paradigm is: correction, stabilization, healing and wellness.
  • Health is living your full potential: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Systemic change is necessary for such transformation.
  • Normalizing upper cervical joint mechanics and neurology is essential for healthy physical structural integrity and motion and central nervous system function.
  • Normalizing the lumbar-pelvis-hip and neck-thorax-shoulder-rib complexes is essential for healthy physical structural integrity and motion and central nervous system function.
  • Correcting the Global Subluxation Complex is essential for optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual living.
  • Congruence of short and long-term health goals and objectives is necessary for optimal outcomes.

Systemic Chiropractic Approach

The symptomatic approach to chiropractic, in contrast to our systemic approach, usually focuses upon the adjustment of symptomatic regions and may provide short-term, incremental improvements.

We begin with diagnosis and treatment of fundamental structural and functional abnormalities which most influenced the whole person. We group these abnormalities into four fundamental subluxation complexes:

  • Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex.
  • Lumbar-Pelvis-Hip Subluxation Complex.
  • Neck-Shoulder-Rib Cage-Thoracic Spine Subluxation Complex.
  • Global Subluxation Complex.

Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex

The Upper Cervical Subluxation Complex impairs the movement and structural support of the upper cervical spine and the upper cervical spinal nerve roots. It may also impair cranial nerves which control and regulate your smell and vision, the sensation to your face, sinuses, teeth, tongue, throat middle ear, heart, lungs, trachea, bronchi, larynx, pharynx, GI tract and external ear. It may impair your taste, chewing and swallowing, salivary glands, facial muscles, hearing, equilibrium, smell, shrugging of your shoulders and motor control of your heart, lungs, palate, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and GI tract.

The Upper Cervical Spinal Subluxation Complex impairs the motor nerves passing through your upper cervical neural canal which control and regulate your posture muscles. this causes postural distortions and accompanying abnormal structural support and movement throughout the joints of your body.

Lumbar-Pelvis-Hip Subluxation Complex

The Lumbar-Pelvis-Hip Subluxation Complex is usually present whenever our patients complain of low back, hip, leg or pelvic floor pain and/or muscle weakness, deactivation, contraction, and muscle pain of these regions and of your abdominal core muscles. This subluxation complex impairs the ability of your lumbar and sacral plexus to give autonomic, motor, and sensory fibers to the lower extremities and to the body’s gluteal and inguinal (groin) regions.

Neck-Shoulder-Rib Cage-Thoracic Spine Subluxation Complex

Your Neck-Shoulder-Rib Cage-Thoracic Spine Subluxation Complex impairs your cervical and thoracic nerve roots responsible for cutaneous and muscular innervation of the entire upper limb and control of motor and sensory signals mostly for the upper back, chest and abdomen. They are responsible for movement of your shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands, respiration, coughing and sneezing.

Global Subluxation Complex

The Global Subluxation Complex are the physiological and mental impairments from the combined abnormal neurologic feedback from the mechanoreceptors of all spinal and extremity joint subluxations throughout your body.

Experience the Systemic Change

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