Your Inner Guide to Health and Happiness

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Your Inner Guide to Health and Happiness

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 What is your inner guide?

Your inner guide, according to Miwa Mack of the Boulder Psychic Institute helps you evaluate the world and make choices which are good for your health and happiness. She describes the guide as your state of calmness of body and clear energy where you are experiencing your own vibration. It is that clear sentience when you are tuned in to your Self, where your mind is clear and quiet and free from self-deprecating thoughts.

We are designed to succeed.

The main point of the discuss was that for us as human body, we are actually designed to succeed. Our human systems is designed for success. That which is not successful is mostly not your energy and will have you make choices which are going to be unhealthy. By accessing our clear autonomy, our personal space, we are free from social, government and medical conditioning and can see the truth.”We are very much sold that we are controlled by the environment. This victim mentality crushes the humans spirit and self-determination. By maintaining your inner vibration, your inner peace, you will attract to you different experiences to you that might be ore positive or might feel more supportive.”

How to access your inner guide?

“Be in your own body, your own space, your own field. People tend to be 20-30 feet in front of them. This is the person who will fall into the television and become the affect of advertising. A person that has placed the outer world as primary, the senior level of influence, are going to make unhealthy choices.”

“One of the simplest ways to make sure that your inner world is the primary decision making point of reference is to make sure that you, on a conscious level, are in your body. Close your eyes and breathe, and imagine all your energy coming back to you — just being more within and contained within your own body.”

Healing or Managing Your High Blood Pressure? Erin Williams With Dr. Tom Groover

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Boulder holistic chiropractor Dr. Tom Groover recently spoke with Erin Williams, holistic nutritionist about healing rather than managing health conditions.

The discussion touches upon the meaning of functional medicine, growing disillusionment with conventional, allopathic “magic bullet”, drug-based medicine, dieting doesn’t work, breaking the vicious Type II Diabetes cycle and naturally resolving problems with high blood pressure through a highly specific chiropractic discipline and improved habits of eating.

What’s the difference between convention and functional medicine? Conventional, main-stream, drug-based allopathic medicine generally manages your health conditions with diagnoses and pharmaceutical treatments to suppress your symptoms.

Functional medicine, on the other hand, recognizes your symptoms originate from breakdowns in your normal functioning — abnormal joint mechanics, loss of nerve and muscle control, chemical imbalance, emotional stress, etc. Functional medicine practitioners use history, physical examination, imaging and laboratory studies to identify, diagnose and treat these functional breakdowns to eliminate conditions and symptoms, upstream, at the level of their cause.

How to Properly Manage Your Joint Health, Dr. Tom Groover With Erin Williams

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Dr. Tom Groover of Boulder Chiropractic Clinic recently had the pleasure of speaking with local nutritionist Erin Williams, owner of EZ Balance, to hear about the importance of nutrition and joint health.  Some of the discussion points focused on the importance of taking D3 and K2 vitamins to help absorb calcium, remembering to immediately take care of an injury if it should occur, and knowing which nutrients the body needs that already bioavailable (the body naturally produces them).

Take a look at our video below for the complete interview between Tom and Erin. Special thanks to Erin for providing your insight!

Tips for Staying Healthy…the Natural Way

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With flu season upon us, it’s sometimes hard to keep our bodies healthy. To maintain a strong immune system, it’s important to be proactive and to incorporate good practices in your daily routine. Before getting a flu shot consider this: Flu shots are a problem because they contain neurotoxins and other poisons which are then injected into the body. Some may even pose a problem even if they are ingested orally. Since, the vaccine is made early in the year it is not very reliable and often times cannot protect from a mutated virus. And if you decide to receive the flu shot, you may think that is all you need to be protected from the virus, which is not true.

Here are some important tips on staying healthy and happy naturally during flu season:

  • Vitamin D is important to many vital functions in your body. It helps maintain strong bones and wards off diseases. Exercise and losing weight can increase your Vitamin D levels without taking a pill. Sunlight, fish, and milk can also be great sources of Vitamin D, as well. It is important to get the necessary vitamins and nutrients to make sure your immune system stays strong.
  • Washing your hands is a simple way to prevent disease. Just by taking a few minutes to wash your hands with soap and water you can reduce the number of germs on them. If soap and water are not available, you can use alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • Eating plant-based foods is an easy way to keep you in tip-top shape! Never underestimate the power of fruits and vegetables. Joining the kale trend is not just a fad, the vegetable is a superfood that contains Vitamins K, A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and other nutrients, like calcium, potassium, fiber, iron and more! Substituting kale or spinach for iceberg lettuce is an easy and beneficial switch to your diet that adds a significantly more amount of vitamins and nutrients to ward of disease. Simply by adding a salad to your meal or fruit for dessert your overall physical and mental health can improve!


These are a few natural and easy ways to stay keep your immune system happy and healthy during the winter. Dressing warm and taking care of your body are critical when fighting off disease and keeping your immune system at its healthiest.

At Groover Clinic in Boulder, we specialize in helping you heal using a natural and personal approach with a holistic treatment plan for any problems causing you pain and injury. Our main priority is to help our patients achieve their wellness goals by living happy, pain-free lives. Make sure to bundle up and schedule your appointment at the Groover Clinic so we can get you feeling your best.




Photos courtesy of Jennifer Chait and Amelia Crook.

Stand Up to Allergies

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Your body will tend to accumulate toxins more during the colder months of the year and the rising temperatures of spring starts the “melting” and mobilization of these more stagnant toxins into your body’s srotamsi. Normally your srotamsi will deliver these toxins into your blood or lymphatic circulation, sweat glands, etc. for effective elimination. During spring, however, the volume and consistency of these migrating toxins tend to clog your srotamsi. Resulting extracellular toxicity and cellular nutritional deficiencies will impair normal cellular function making your tissues, organs and systems, including your immune system, less vital and adaptable.

Your accumulated toxins are considered environmental.They enter your extracellular environment from the both the outer environment and as ama, or waste from bad digestion. As ama accumulates within your respiratory system it combines with your respiratory mucus to form a sticky toxin called shleshma to not only congest, irritate and inflame the linings of your sinuses, throat, bronchi and lungs, but to form a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and virus.

Here are some practical, low-cost, some ancient and some modern, natural, tips for preventing or managing your allergies at the level of their cause:

  1. Drink the appropriate, measured amount of water for you body weight and activity. Warm water is better than cold because it is more mobilizing and hydrating. Good hydration will help dilute and move shleshma.
  2. Consume turmeric, sage, red pepper, cumin and coriander. They are good allergy fighters.
  3. Observe a Kapha-Pitta pacifying diet to help mobilize shleshma and reduce inflammation. Use Pitta Tea and Pitta Spices.
  4. Follow a very low carbohydrate way of eating to detox your body, reduce inflammation and improve your cellular and organ function.

Visit Groover Chiropractic Clinic for your quarterly wellness check-up or as a prospective new patient. Our approach to joint-muscle-nerve corrective care removes: joint pains which deplete your energy, joint inflammation which contributes to your body’s total systemic inflammation, and blockages and imbalances from your nervous system for better control and regulation of your body’s cells, tissues, organs and systems.

You may also request a nutrition consultation with Dr. Groover, and he will check your ayurvedic pulse and help you adopt his allergy season recommendations into your daily routine.