Fibromyalgia Recovery

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Fibromyalgia Recovery

Fibromyalgia, a degenerative condition, usually worsens over time, and may become severely disabling, causing progressive, irreversible deterioration, and loss of organ and tissue function. Early detection and treatment promotes fast and uncomplicated recovery, prevents degeneration and long term suffering, and makes life enjoyable and productive!

The Boulder Chiropractic Clinic’s Fibromyalgia treatment program in Boulder, Colorado, helps to identify the cause of your disease and allows you to stop taking drugs. We treat symptoms naturally and holistically. Often within 6 to 12 treatment visits, you’ll start to notice a positive difference in your health.

One of our patients remarked, “I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was prescribed medication for it. The medication helped a little bit, but one medication, Cymbalta, was giving me more depression and causing crying spells. I found Dr. Groover on his website. He was cooperative and sensitive to my needs and feelings. I started feeling better after two weeks, I got out of my lower back pain and the pain in my shoulders. Before, I was unhappy because of all the pain and from having no energy to enjoy life, now I can pursue my career and have a social life! I absolutely recommend Dr. Groover to anyone who has Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue.”

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