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Pain & Injury Elimination

Do you wake up in the morning with a nagging headache or pain in your lower back? Let Dr. Groover help remove that ongoing debilitating pain so that you can live your life! Read more about our individual pain and injury elimination services below:

Acute Traumatic Spinal Injuries – Spinal traumas such as fractures, dislocations or severe disk injuries are easily detected by most ER medical care personnel, but oftentimes, severe spinal ligament sprains often go undetected. Dr. Groover strives to alleviate these sprains naturally so that you can avoid long-term pain medication use or spinal surgery.

Headache – Is it normal for you to have occasional headaches? No. Headaches are caused by physiological abnormalities. Masking your headaches with pain medication fails to correct these abnormalities and makes them worse. By finding the cause of your headaches and eliminating that cause, we’ll help you headache-free and much healthier!

Pain in Neck, Shoulder, Low Back, Hip, and Leg – Don’t let either one of these persistent pains dampen your life anymore. If you’re experiencing ongoing pain and not seeing any difference in taking pain/inflammation medications or you’re finding that PT is ineffective, contact Dr. Groover today for a consultation to see how he can help to eliminate these pains naturally. Our in depth structural and functional diagnosis and treatment for your joint injuries will most likely reestablish normal join alignment and mechanical function to allow your joint’s ligaments to heal properly.