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Sports Injuries/Performance Solutions

We all know that Boulder is a playground for athletes and sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re a snowboarder, football player, professional cyclist, or tri-athlete, Dr. Groover’s holistic sports injury program assists athletes with their sports injuries by providing holistic natural solutions to help them perform at their very best.

Athletes receive a comprehensive evaluation of their injury, which may include undiscovered injuries that cause you pain, dampen your performance and increase your risk for acute and repetitive-stress athletic injuries. Then, we plan the best course of chiropractic treatment to help you be a stronger, coordinated, and balanced athlete. Dr. Groover’s program focuses on the root of the problem to help cure the symptoms patients are enduring.

Read a few testimonials from athletes whom we’ve treated:

“When I first met with Dr. Groover I had really tight quads and hamstrings. I couldn’t do a set of sprints without straining my quads and hamstrings, and I also had slipped discs. My legs hurt as long as I could remember. The effects I felt from Dr. Groover’s treatments were immediate. It took a few sessions for him to get me aligned really well, and it was only a couple days until I felt immediate relief. He made everything in my body work better, and I haven’t had problems with my legs ever since my first few treatments. Dr. Groover’s treatment took a heap of stress from many parts of my life. I now experience significantly less stress in my mind and my emotions, both on and off the court.” –  Hanna Zavecz, University of Wyoming Basketball Team

“I’ve been involved in a lot of sports including professional snowboarding, high school football, hockey, and Brazilian ju-jitsu. Football injuries caused my neck and back to fall out of alignment, and snowboarding injuries and poor sleeping habits caused my condition to worsen. Life was painful all the time, my neck was always sore, and I always had problems sleeping. My neck was spasming constantly, along with being very tight. After seeing Dr. Groover, I began to see a change in my overall level of health. Within a short period of time, my pain levels totally disappeared. With Dr. Groover’s help, it has been a very easy process for me. I’ve been under Dr. Groover’s care for about a year now, and I feel balanced and pain free. Last season, I overshot a jump and dislocated my left shoulder, tore my rotator cuff, and separated my AC joint. The orthopedic surgeon told me I needed to do rotator cuff surgery to repair what was damaged (which would have cost $25,000!). Through my therapy with Dr. Groover, I was able to avoid surgery completely. I went back to the original orthopedic surgeon and he said that I was completely healed, and he’d never seen anything like this before! I was back snowboarding in four weeks! My rate of injury has dropped out of the picture because of my enhanced performance, and I can sleep! I recommend Dr. Groover to anyone with pain.” – Ben Classen, University of Colorado Snowboarding Team Manager.


Photo Credit: Timothy Carlson