Whiplash/Car Accident Injuries

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Whiplash/Car Accident Injuries

The Boulder Chiropractic Clinic in Boulder is devoted to helping you prevent or reverse osteoarthritis caused by car accidents.

Your spinal ligaments are tough tissues, which keep your spinal vertebra stable. They are aligned when you are stationary, or when you move or lift. Whiplash usually injures these neck ligaments causing neck joint instability, a severe, complicated, acutely painful and degenerative condition, which is usually not diagnosed by the emergency room or most health care providers. Boulder Chiropractic Clinic provides the specialized X-ray examinations required to specifically locate and determine the severity of these ligament injuries. Appropriate treatment, prognosis (predicted outcome of treatment), and lifestyle modifications cannot be provided without such diagnosis. Our clinic also provides advanced diagnostic testing for detection and analysis of hidden, complex, and frequently untreated car crash injuries.

We work effectively with insurance companies and lawyers, and provide the necessary detailed diagnosis, treatment and financial documentation of your car accident injury case. You’ll also receive a global assessment of your neck, back, hips, rib cage, shoulders, and other ligaments to ensure that no new traumatic injuries have arisen.

“I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2007. My vehicle was rear-ended while sitting at a stoplight, due to a heavy snowstorm. This created whiplash and spinal misalignment that caused pain, stiff muscles, knots in my neck, which Dr. Groover identified as torn ligaments. It was the sessions with Dr. Groover that restored my health and physical functioning. Dr. Groover is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. His meticulous set of tests, including computerized range of motion and computerized strength tests, really showed how debilitated the accident had made me feel, whereas prior to that I was actively and avidly hiking every week. His comparison of the new set of X-rays with the previous set, also showed clearly the results of the torque on my neck and its new misalignment, subsequent to the car accident. Now I feel wonderful! It took 11 months of treatment including acupuncture and neuromuscular therapies from Dr. Groover, as well as chiropractic corrections and adjustments to my spine and neck, to fully recover. I have been back to doing my full hikes on all the usual trails, since recovery, plus yoga classes, etc.” –  Mary Stevenson in Boulder, Colorado

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