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Common Questions We’re Asked by New Patients

What can I expect for us to do upon my first visit?

Your first visit to Boulder Chiropractic Clinic is a complementary global screening assessment with Dr. Groover and his staff.  The purpose for this visit is to quickly address a lot of your most important questions such as “what is causing my pain?”, “how complicated is my condition and can you help me?” and “how will my condition be treated?” This discussion will begin when you present your health concerns to Dr. Groover as he performs a sequence of structural and functional tests. He’ll then give you his impressions based on your complaint(s), and will describe how he would sequentially diagnose and treat your condition, and the estimated rate and extent of your recovery. Before the end of this consultation Dr. Groover will also answer any of your questions. Afterwards you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our staff to book your next appointment and to discuss payment options.

Becoming a new patient at Groover Chiropractic requires a complete case history, examination, initial X-rays, assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. Your treatment will begin after we’ve carefully studied your case and are fully prepared to facilitate your healing.

What if I’m already working with another chiropractor?

Dr. Groover is not opposed to its patients seeing other chiropractors. However, when you return to the clinic for a checkup, if you have an upper cervical misalignment, and your baseline pattern of postural distortion has changed, we may require a new set of three upper cervical X-rays with an analysis and two post corrective procedure X-rays before proceeding further with your care.

If you do not report having new ligament-injuring injuries or high-velocity chiropractic adjustments from other chiropractors, but your upper cervical correction is not holding, we may recommend new X-rays and an X-ray analysis of your upper cervical spinal biomechanics.This policy ensures the most appropriate short and long-term chiropractic care for you.

Do I need to bring copies of my X-rays to the appointment?

You are not required to bring copies of your X-rays or other diagnostic tests to your initial global screening assessment. When attending your new patient initial evaluation, your X-rays, X-ray report, MRI, CT reports, diagnostic and treatment summaries, and list of medications with amounts, frequencies, purpose, results, and prescribing doctor are always very helpful. We also recommend that you give us all records of subsequent diagnostic testings and treatments you’ve received from outside providers.

How does payment work?

You may pay Boulder Chiropractic Clinic for services with cash, check, or credit card. The clinic also offers interest-free health care financing.

Do you accept insurance? If so, what plans are accepted?

Boulder Chiropractic Clinic’s standards for documentation and billing meet or exceed the requirements for insurance reimbursement and for legal purposes. We’ll provide you with the paperwork you and your health insurance company require to be reimbursed for the expense of your care. Although your global screening assessment is complementary, payment for services is due at the time they are received.

We are independent of any health insurance company contracts and are therefore free to provide you with the care you need without health insurance involvement. To find out how your health insurance company reimburses you, we suggest contacting them about any details for the yearly deductible and percent paid for out-of-network chiropractors once your deductible has been met. You may also ask the company about procedures for which they do or do not reimburse.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle crash, we will directly bill your insurance company for the medical options portion of your car accident insurance. If you do not have medical options or have exceeded the limits of that coverage, we may accept such motor vehicle crash patients and some personal injury patients after they’ve signed a lawyer’s lien promising their bills will be paid from the proceeds from their lawyer’s settlement, court award or by the patient.

What things do I need to play close attention to if I’ve been in a car accident?

We recommend to get all of your injuries diagnosed and treated. Car crashes, even low impact ones, usually misalign and injure joints everywhere in your body. Initially you may not feel pains from these misalignments, but may later manifest as delayed onset symptoms. Joint misalignments not only cause pain, but also manifest as inflammation, stiffness and tightness, weakness, impaired coordination and stress. If your injuries include broken bones, organ damage and bleeding, after receiving the appropriate medical care and healing of these acute injuries, be sure to get a comprehensive global screening assessment and have all your joint injuries diagnosed and treated.

Remember, low-impact car accidents injuries could impair you for life. Authorities will tell you otherwise. You may even say to yourself, “it was just a little fender-bender” or “there is no damage to my car — no problem.” A 5 to 10 mph collision with no apparent damage to your car may cause serious spinal ligament injuries. Spinal ligament injuries are not usually detected by conventional X-ray, MRI or CT examinations. They are not usually diagnosed by the emergency room, medical doctors or other health care providers. Spinal ligament injuries are diagnosed through specialized spinal imaging. We provide expert spinal ligament examination and diagnosis through functional stress X-ray examination using our own on-site X-ray facility.

Another area of your body that is usually misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed is the alignment of your upper cervical spine (the area joining the base of your head and upper two neck vertebra). Diagnosing and treating misalignment of this area is critical for specifically removing local and global mechanical, neurological, muscular, and gravitational abnormalities, which disrupt effective diagnosis and treatment of every joint, nerve and muscle in your body. We maintains the highest standards for upper cervical chiropractic care.

If I’ve been in a minor car accident, what’s the most amount time I can wait before being evaluated?

The sooner you’re evaluated after a minor car crash, the better. Healing an injured spinal ligament is best to do two months post injury. Most of our minor car crash patients are surprised to see that they have received spinal ligament injuries.

I have a big sports competition coming up. Can I come in for a “tune up” before my big race?

Absolutely. If you are a serious athlete you will want to perform your best during training and competition. Your body should be pain-free, strong, flexible, responsive, and powerful so that your training is productive, and all of your resources are available for competition. Misaligned, weak, stiff and unresponsive joints, muscles and nerves sap your energy, and those are the joints that most susceptible to acute injury and chronic degenerative conditions.