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Staying Safe on the Slopes

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Snow is already falling in Boulder and you know what that means…time for skiing and snowboarding! Whether you are going down a bunny hill or a black diamond, sports injuries can happen. Here are a few common injuries that can sometimes occur when you’re on the slopes:


  1. Fracture or dislocation of the shoulder: Fractures should be immobilized to prevent further damage, and you should immediately go to a professional for treatment. Unless you really know how to reduce your own shoulder dislocation, rush it to a professional so that they can reduce the dislocation before inflammation freezes it in place. Otherwise go to the ER and have it reduced under anesthesia. 
  2. Head injuries, including concussions: If you experience a hard fall of any kind, make sure to get checked out. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Concussions may not manifest immediately and can range from mild to severe, so it is important to be examined just to ensure there will be no lasting trauma.
  3. Hand, wrist or finger injuries: When we fall, we have an innate reflex to put our hands out in front of us to protect our face, which can sometimes result in hand and lower arm injury. A better way to fall is on the forearm, which has more surface area to take the impact therefore lessening the blow.

Though sports injuries may happen and are sometimes inevitable, always take precautionary measures to make it less likely.

A couple other things to think about:

  • When skiing and snowboarding use appropriate equipment and do not take unnecessary risks outside of your skill level.
  • Make sure another person always knows where you are, just in case of emergency.
  • If you fall while skiing or snowboarding, and you believe you may have injured yourself, sudden movements may cause more harm than good. Wait for help before you attempt to go anywhere. 

If a skiing or snowboarding accident results in an injury, whether big or small, we recommend coming into our Boulder clinic to get an exam. By using natural and holistic remedies and approaches to healing, we’ll help you getting back on the slopes in no time, and more importantly, we’ll help get your body better prepared to handle the downhill terrain. 



Photo courtesy of Zach Dischner.

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