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Helping A Snowboarder Avert Expensive Surgery, Ben Classen With Dr. Tom Groover

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As part of our ongoing YouTube interviews, Boulder holistic chiropractor Dr. Tom Groover recently caught up with one of his former patients, Ben Classen.

Ben  joined Colorado University’s snowboarding team as a manager six months prior to experiencing a severe shoulder injury. He dislocated his arm and fractured several bones from overshooting a jump, and received the news that he would need to spend over $20,000 on surgery to fix his shoulder and that he wouldn’t be snowboarding any time soon.

Luckily, he heard that Dr. Groover would not only help Ben heal without going into surgery, but that he’d be back to snowboarding in a couple of weeks!

Watch the whole interview below to learn how Dr. Groover healed the athlete.